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Preparing Your Home For Sale: Insider Tips for Today’s Sellers

96 Washington Spring Rd, Snedens Landing

Putting your home on the market? Sellers need the professional advice of REALTORS® who not only know the marketplace well, but have the ability to market properties successfully. Just a few small investments can go a long way to increase your home’s perceived value by seeing your home through the eyes of the buyer.

Consider the following recommendations to ensure prospective buyers gain a great first impression:

18 Conklin Lane, Rockleigh, NJ

  • According to HGTV, landscaping can add as much as 10 percent in value to your home. Keep the grass cut and free of clutter. A few hearty, potted plants and inviting seasonal flowers or shrubs around the walkway will go a long way.
  • A freshly painted door will create a welcoming first impression.
  • Besides letting outside light in to brighten spaces, change your light bulbs from “soft white” to “clear” to maximize brightness.
  • Hide the critters: conceal pets and pet food from all common areas.

122 Circuit Road, Tuxedo Park

  • Repurpose an unused room into an office or craft room.
  • Remove extra clothes from the closets and dishes from the cabinets.
  • Paint with calming hues.
  • Power wash surfaces, including pavers, fences, as well as brick and vinyl siding.

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