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Like the Biblical place that inspired the name, Goshen is the proverbial land of milk and honey to many of the inhabitants. The town of Goshen also contains a village with the same name. The village was incorporated in 1809, almost exactly 2 centuries after the discovery of the Hudson River and sits on 3.2 square-miles of land. It was among the first settlements in Orange County, NY.

As tucked away as it looks, the town is only about 16 miles from the towns of New Windsor and Newburgh. Residents can utilize the easily accessible Stewart International Airport, avoiding the congested highways that lead to Liberty International in Newark or La Guardia airport in Queens. More so, those with jobs in White Plains or in New York City are also close and they are able to commute on a daily basis.

In the village, townhouses that were built in the early 1800s still exist and are now mainly used as legal offices.

There are also smaller cottages and houses as well as a development know as Harness Estates.

On the outskirts of the village, newer houses on larger lots have been built next to longstanding horse, dairy and vegetable farms.

For recreation, most of the town’s residents engage in hunting, hiking and fishing.

The 44-square-mile town of gently rolling hills is home to the First Presbyterian Church.


Anyone looking for affordable housing within the area should consider the village houses that are on small lots as they attract lower prices compared to the larger ones that are found in the town.

Families with children would be happy to know that there are several schools that are easily accessible from the town or village. The Goshen Central School District takes care of most parts of the town, the village and the towns of Wallkill and Hamptonburgh. There are four schools in the area, including Scotchtown Avenue Elementary School for kindergarten, J. Hooker Middle School, Goshen Intermediate School, and Goshen High School.

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