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Tuxedo Park is a sparsely populated village in Orange County, New York. Sparse population means the roads are rarely plagued by the traffic jams that regularly happen in the Big Apple. The village is blessed with open highways that make for a relatively speedy and scenic ride to midtown Manhattan.

The village’s appeal goes well beyond the obvious. With more than three-quarters of the land off-limits to developers, the village is graced with boulder-strewn slopes, clear lakes, and thick forests.

The village has no leash law, so dogs are allowed to roam free. There are no gas stations, no movie theaters nor stores as they are prohibited by zoning regulations. Gas-powered motorboats are also not allowed on any of the three lakes – Little Wee Wah, Wee Wah, and Tuxedo.

Tuxedo Park’s gate is guarded 24/7 by the village’s own police force who only allow the village residents and their guests entry. The houses are not numbered – yet another throwback of the good old days. Crime is virtually non-existent.

The village was built in 1886 by Pierre Lorillard, as a fishing and hunting retreat for his wealthy friends. It, therefore, features some of the finest pieces of architecture of pre-World War 1, and to-date; it has remained an enclave of the rich.


Tuxedo Park, incorporated in 1952, covers 2,086 acres and hosts about 330 houses.

Over the years, the character of the gated community has changed in some ways. For instance, in recent years, more young families have bought properties. In early years, the isolated community was mostly loved by seniors, but in the last decade or so, there has been a proliferation of young people in their 30’s with young children coming into the community. These are mostly high-profile dot-com people, investment bankers, and mutual-fund managers. About a third of the affluent individuals with mansions here also have houses in Manhattan, only coming to the village on the weekends.

Celebrities are also drawn here by the promise of privacy and the beauty of the area. Barry Bostwick of ''Spin City'' and Whoopi Goldberg live here, and also, until recently, did Greg Anthony, the former Knick. Cyndi Lauper also used to rent a summer house in the community.

Most of the homes for sale are single-family houses, however, there are also a wide variety of Multi-Family homes in Tuxedo Park as well as Condos in Tuxedo Park.  The prices are high, but affordable if compared with properties in, say, Greenwich, CT or Scarsdale, NY. Go To Tuxedo Park, NY


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