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Tappan is a hamlet that is located in Orangetown, Rockland County, about 12 miles north of New York City and approximately two to three miles west of the Hudson. Among the first settlers on the land were thrifty Dutch farmers, and to date, there is still conjecture on whether the hamlet’s name is Indian or Dutch.

The DeWint House, where Washington resided four times, is the oldest house in the area having been built in the 1700s. It is now a Revolutionary War museum, open for public visits everyday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Entry is free.

Every last weekend of September, Tappan holds “Country Days” on its grounds. People in colonial garb help children demonstrate candle dipping and help children make cider on an antique press.

While no major wars were fought in the area, many of the colonial soldiers that were killed in the surrounding neighborhoods were buried in the Reformed Church of Tappan in unmarked graves. There are headstones that date as far back as 1724. The present church was built in 1835, on the same place where an earlier church, built in 1694, existed.

Many of the hamlet’s historic buildings are incorporated into modern-day living. For example, the minister for the Reformed Church still lives in a house built in 1724 while a restored 1750 frame house acts as a library.

The Old '76 House restaurant that’s located on Main Street, has a list of former patrons on its wall, including George Washington.


Single-family homes account for about three quarters of the hamlet’s dwellings. Homes for sale are quite affordable as most neighborhoods have houses going for less than $500,000. You could, for example, get a beautiful $399,000 house along Concord Drive.

Orangetown provides a rich recreational program, including Little League Baseball, subsidized summer day camps and ice skating. The district has three elementary schools, including one middle school in Blauvelt, the William O. Schafer elementary school in Tappan, and a high school in Orangeburg.

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