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What is now the Village of Suffern in Orange County, New York first attracted a young Irishman named John Suffern who, together with his wife, settled there in 1773. The village is takes its name after its first inhabitant.

Suffern was first opened to the outside world in 1841 following the arrival of the Lake Erie and New York railroad reached. It was incorporated as a village in 1896.

Its main streets are lined with small taverns, restaurants and small shops. Nestled within the Ramapo Mountains, Suffern has a coziness that’s reminiscent of villages from a far gone era.

The business district is centered on two blocks of Lafayette Avenue. It is also close to several smaller neighborhoods and the train station.

Among the village’s jewels is Lafayette Theater, an old movie house that still features sconces on the walls, a balcony, old-fashioned sparkling lights and a renovated Wurlitzer pipe organ that keeps visitors entertained before the main features.

There are also several old neighborhoods featuring streets lined with cape cods, ranches, colonials and small Victorians that were built in the 1920’s and 1930’s.


Suffern offers a variety of housing options that range from single and multi-family homes to co-ops, condominiums as well as rentals. There is obviously a little bit of everything for everyone’s taste and budget. Property sizes vary from one-eighth of an acre to about an acre further out.

For families that have children, there are 5 elementary schools, a high school and a middle school.

Suffern also has a number or restaurants, including DaNina Ristorante Italiano, Koto Japanese Restaurant, Priya Indian Restaurant, Saffron American Restaurant and Marcello's Ristorante of Suffern. There are also pizza places, pubs, and several fast-food places for those looking for informal dining.

The village has about 25 acres of parkland that includes two small sitting parks and five ball fields.

Real estate prices vary depending on the properties, but the most affordable housing option are the co-ops that go for as low as $25,000.

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