Snedens Landing

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With its eclectic variety of residential properties, wooded seclusion and in some spots, a landscape so rugged that some homes don’t get mail delivery, Snedens Landing is a small neighborhood within the Palisades community. The specific area commonly referred to as Snedens Landing is located on the east side of Palisades that is between the Hudson River and U.S. Route 9W.

Most times, the twisty and steep streets are quiet despite it being home to high-profile homeowners such as Phish frontman, Trey Anastasio, Aidan Quinn, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Bill Murray, Al Pacino, Jane Pauley and husband Garry Trudeau. Quirky and rustic, Snedens Landing is the kind of place where unmarked roads end without warning and the landscape, as well as the water views, are so dramatic that you just feel compelled to trade everything you own to become part of the community.

There’s an easy sort of informality and friendliness here, giving the community some kind of intimacy that is really rewarding in the long run.


In the mid-1850s, Snedens Landing was a cluster of old Dutch houses inhabited by shipbuilders, market gardeners and fishermen, Things, however, changed forever when, in 1870, Henry and Lydia Lawrence built a home known as Cliffside. Over time, they bought and developed the enclave, leasing some of the properties to affluent artist friends at modest rates.

Snedens Landing offers charming historic homes and a laid-back way of life. It is the best change from the busy anonymity of city life.

The nearest shopping centers are in northern New Jersey or in the town of Tappan.

Single-family homes in Snedens Landing and well as private land for sale in Snedens Landing comes with scenic river views that continue to attract affluent, high-profile individuals with a taste for expensive and luxurious real estate.

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