Michel Henry

Michel Henry, a Rockland County resident, was born and raised in New Brunswick, Canada. Michel enjoyed working for an established real estate firm in Canada and decided to return to real estate here in Nyack.  A retiree from Canada Border Services Agency, Michel has a long history of service.

Michel has a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Post University degree in Public Administration and brings lots of life experience, including being a landlord, to his work.  He is easy to approach, has a keen sense of relationships and values friendship.  He knows carpentry, plumbing, electricity, and can help both buyer and seller in making decisions on many fronts when it comes to property.

Michel enjoys sailing, walking on the shore, cycling, camping and has played music all his life.  In both Cajun and Classic Country bands, he sings and plays the guitar, harmonica, accordion and fiddle.  He is eager to work with the people of Nyack and beyond, and trusts he can make a a difference in his clients’ lives.

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