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Making a Life and a Career in the Lower Hudson Valley

New York’s lower Hudson Valley is a region known for its views, from the Hudson River’s shorelines to the region’s bucolic parklands. It’s nothing short of inspirational. That’s why more than 30 years ago I chose to build my career helping others find their dream homes in Rockland and Orange counties.

I created this blog, “Hudson Valley Views,” to share my love of this market and the insights my team and I have gathered over the course of three decades. Every month, we will share on our thoughts on house and home, from why real estate is a solid foundation for building wealth to how to best showcase your art collection.

By way of introduction, the lower Hudson Valley covers many charming towns and communities including Nyack, Piermont, Grandview, Palisades, Sneden’s Landing, New City, Tuxedo Park, Warwick, Goshen, Cornwall, Greenwood Lake, Pierson Lakes, Suffern, West Nyack, Blauvelt and Tappan – to name a few. I’d like to take you on a tour of just a few of the areas we serve through some of our most special listings.

Nyack: A Town with a View


Nyack is a quaint and charming town, with views so lovely, only an artist could do them justice. In fact, at 641 North Broadway, the views are so striking local artist Edward Hopper painted them. Hook Mountain provides the backdrop to this home, situated on one of the largest privately owned parcels on the west bank of the Hudson north of the George Washington Bridge. History also plays a role in this home’s unique appeal: the British came on shore during the Revolutionary War, as documented in a letter to George Washington.

Sneden’s Landing: History and Beauty


Sneden’s Landing, also known as Palisades, is becoming increasingly popular. Its history dates back to the 1680s, but many modern-day celebrities have called it home, from Bill Murray to Al Pacino and Angelina Jolie. Walking through town, it is easy to understand the appeal. Cliff House, for example, is just 25 minutes to New York City, perched on a hill overlooking the Hudson with a small rocky cove below. The lifestyle here is tranquil. A surrounding park runs 12 miles along the Hudson River.

Tuxedo Park: A Gilded and Gated Community


Tuxedo Park, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is a refined and private gated community that dates back to the 1880s. Less than an hour from New York City, its residents will tell you it offers respite from daily life. The residence at 4 Ridge Road is perfect example of historic, classic Tuxedo Park architecture, built in 1898 and lovingly preserved and maintained with an air of stately grace. The ballroom, added in the early 1900s, has antique sconces and parquet floors, and echoes back to an elegant time in American history.

My team and I look forward to continuing to share our views of the Hudson Valley in the coming blog articles.

Richard Ellis, Managing Member and Real Estate Broker

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